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      October 30

Welcome to Painting Pro Times where industry experts provide the latest information on industry trends as well as valuable news, and product information.
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Growing a business can be exhilarating and just as easily exhausting. The fun part seems to come largely from the anticipation of achievement and success. The excitement of project awards, new equipment and hiring great people puts the fuel in the tank to move forward. Although some mornings and even late evenings, people issues, both customers and associates, rise up and challenge the best go getters..
How to Name a Business
Your funding and capital are in place, your business plan is complete, and you’re ready to open up shop and start your new small business. But have you picked a great name? What you choose to name your business is crucial to your brand, your business’ longevity and growth potential, your ability to attract customers and employees, and much more. As the saying goes: Your customers only get one first impression.
Low Price or Best Value
Did you really lose on price? I hear it all the time. I’m sure you do as well. “Oh, we lost that one on price.” Let me explain why that’s not always true. And I’ll provide you a simple rule of thumb to determine when you’ve lost due to your best value price and when you could have done more to help your client justify going with your higher price.
Origins of Craftsmanship
PPG Celebrating 135 years
Captain John B. Ford and John Pitcairn started the first commercially successful plate glass factory in the United States at Creighton, Pa. Known as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., the enterprise focused on innovation and quality. PPG was founded in 1883 and serves customers with technological expertise, innovation and color leadership.
Industry News
AkzoNobel delivers €5.5 billion to shareholders following the sale of its Specialty Chemicals division
This is in addition to €1 billion advance proceeds distributed by a special cash dividend paid on December 7, 2017. Click here for more      
Behr Presents: Chalk Decorative Paint + Wax (:26)
Whether you’re updating a bold accent piece or coordinating old-world-charm with your current décor, customizing the look and feel of your room has never been easier with this 2 part system. Click here for more      
Color of the Year 2019 Benjamin Moore (1:30)
Calm, composed and effortlessly sophisticated, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019 is Metropolitan AF-690 Click here for more      
Festool CT Cyclone Dust Pre-Separator (1:07)
Maximize the Performance and Efficiency of Your Dust Extractor Click here for more      
PPG Reports Third Quarter 2018 Financial Results
PPG (NYSE:PPG) reported third quarter 2018 net sales of about $3.8billion, up 1 percent versus the prior year. Click here to view      
Rodda Paint Introduces New CoverCoat XL with X-Link Technology
High-Performance xeterior coating formulated for any weather will help extend the painting season. Click here for more      
RPM 2019 first quarter sales set record
RPM International (NYSE:RPM) has reported the 2019 first quarter financial results ended August 31, 2018. Click here for more      
Sherwin-Williams Launches New Initiative to Create Stronger, More Skilled Painting Workforce
Seeking to be part of the solution to a growing painting industry challenge, Sherwin-Williams is launching a multitiered initiative aimed at easing the shortage of qualified professional painters. Click here for more      
Sherwin-Williams’ Lead Based Paint Appeal Rejected by Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court rejected appeals from Sherwin-Williams and Conagra Brands leaving intact a ruling that requires both companies to pay a sum total of $409 million for lead-paint remediation in California. Click here for more      
How to Apply LO/MIT (1:47)
SOLEC Solar Energy Corp - Check out this video. Click here for more      
Product Introductions
TR1 High Efficiency Airless™ Tip
The TR1 HEA tip is a high production tip that is optimized to spray coatings at 1,000 psi which decreases overspray by up to 55%. This revolutionary technology delivers speed, added durability and is perfect for spraying large residential and commercial jobs. Find out more at titantool.com/TR1HEA.         
Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel
Ideal for windows, doors, and trim, Emerald® Interior/Exterior Urethane Trim Enamel improves efficiency and aesthetics. Emerald goes on in fewer coats and is formulated to stand up to frequent cleanings. Available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens, Emerald delivers a long-lasting look your homeowners will love.
Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
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