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   December 20

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As 2018 moves to closing time, keep the pedal to the metal. Get projects complete, finish the quarter and the year strong. Since the economy is humming along, consider being more selective in 2019. Upgrade the craftsmanship aspects of daily life by working with people and companies that recognize and are willing to pay for clean and crisp finishes. Elevate away from the bottom feeder, follow the herd off the cliff low bidders, and the shop and unethically show everyone’s price peddlers. Step far away from the “we have lots of work for you, just match this number’ hamster wheel.
Amazon’s Giant Spheres Get Hi-tech Coating
Long recognized as home of the iconic Space Needle, Seattle, Washington, has garnered national attention for the city’s newest landmark consisting of three intersecting, spherical-shaped office structures that are the centerpiece of Amazon’s new downtown corporate headquarters complex.
Rising Compensation
Construction activity is one of the major drivers of architectural coatings demand, and U.S. statistical agencies track several indicators of the health of the construction sector. Construction employment is a good proxy for “real” construction activity, since the metric of total employment numbers is not itself subject to inflation (although cost of employment is), with the result being that changes in employment more accurately reflect what is being done at construction sites than do metrics involving the nominal amount spent.
Fun Stuff
Oil & Water; BMW Paint; Plane Coated
A new way to mix oil and water (2:34)
A team of researchers in the Varanasi Lab at MIT has developed a way to create nanoscale emulsions, of oil and water, stable enough to last indefinitely, and with no mixing required.
The world’s First Aircraft Finished in Sun King Diamond Coating (7:28)
Jean Boulle Luxury is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first aircraft finished with the Sun King™ Natural Gem Diamond Coating at EBACE in Geneva. The Bombardier Global Express was painted by STTS an expert in global aerospace painting and sealing. The launch follows the agreement with AkzoNobel to produce aviation grade coating for the private and commercial jet markets.
Industry News
Axalta Opens World's Largest Coatings and Color Center
The 175,000-foot Global Innovation Center offers unparalleled specialty labs, as well as office space. Click here for more      
Behr Paint Company Gives Back
Orange County-based paint company donates a total of $100,000 to six nonprofit organizations as part of the Masco Million Differences campaign Click here for more      
Dunn-Edwards 1925 – 2015 90 years…Now 93 (2:30)
We like the fast moving video & see if you notice a US president Click here for more      
Graco’s G15 & G40 Air-Assisted Spray Guns Overview (2:21)
Did you know that the PPG customized MEASURECOLOR MOBILE™ color matching platform can immediately identify and match more than 2,500 commonly specified colors... Click here for more      
Rust-Oleum settles with EPA
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced a settlement with the Rust-Oleum Corporation to address alleged violations of hazardous waste regulations at its paint manufacturing facility in Williamsport, Maryland. Click here to view      
Festool Tip: Understand the Wallpaper Perforator (:54)
The wallpaper perforator is a lesser known gem. It makes it easy and fast to strip wallpaper — improving efficiency and making the most of your time. In this video, Brian “Sedge” Sedgeley gives a tip on it. Click here for more      
Owners’ Group sues Painters’ Union
The Finishing Contractors of America (FCA), the national association of union owned painting companies and other signatory trades, has filed a lawsuit against the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT). Click here for more      
Paint Cans (2:51)
The Cary Company is your source for empty paint cans, containers, and paint can accessories! Click here for more      
Every Step Matters
From Step Stools to Extension Ladders, make sure you’re putting the right foot forward. Click here for more      
New Construction Capable Robot (4:54)
HRP-5P succeeded in handling heavy materials without human support. Click here for more      
Product Introductions
The Paint Brand and Painting Tools Pros Trust.
Sherwin-Williams is the name you can trust for high quality paint. Purdy® is the name you can trust for high-quality painting tools that boost productivity and craftsmanship on every project. Available at Sherwin-Williams.
Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
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Knowledge Test
1. The 2018 Paint Professional Craftsman Awards were celebrated at the stadium of Major Baseball League’s Washington Nationals in front of nearly 41,000 people last July.
2. It turns out with modern technology water and oil may mix based on:
3. A recent U.S. statistical report showed that the highest specialty trade (and likely paint professionals) wages are highest in:
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