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Knowledge Test

PPT will provide three words, phrases or questions, which will progressively become more challenging to answer.
Answer question 1 correctly and you achieve the Apprentice Level.
Answer questions 1 & 2 correctly and you achieve the Journeyman Level.
Answer questions 1, 2 & 3 correctly and you achieve the Master level.

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Apprentice Level:

At $49,000, there are 500,000 unfulfilled construction jobs in the US.
 a. True
 b. False

Journeyman Level:

A best practice to knock out more work is to
 a. increase daily production
 b. employ the “detect and correct” method of project control
 c. hire more workers
 d. push longer hours by paying overtime

Master Level:

High solids paint or coatings
 a. are designed as high mil build systems
 b. generally contain 80% percent or higher solids
 c. feature a hardener
 d. may be cut with a small amount of water for a smoother appearance

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