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Knowledge Test

PPT will provide three words, phrases or questions, which will progressively become more challenging to answer.
Answer question 1 correctly and you achieve the Apprentice Level.
Answer questions 1 & 2 correctly and you achieve the Journeyman Level.
Answer questions 1, 2 & 3 correctly and you achieve the Master level.

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Apprentice Level:

For a company name, it is a good idea to be specific, like Greg’s Hardware Solutions, rather than Greg’s Goods
 a. True
 b. False

Journeyman Level:

In general, customer prospects use the following method when selecting contractors
 a. best value
 b. most experienced company
 c. truck and personal appearance
 d. website listing and phone book ads

Master Level:

Name the paint company that in the 1980s introduced durable substrate for passports, menus and maps:
 a. Benjamin Moore & Company
 b. Dunn Edwards Paints
 c. Akzo Nobel
 d. PPG

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