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PPT will provide three words, phrases or questions, which will progressively become more challenging to answer.
Answer question 1 correctly and you achieve the Apprentice Level.
Answer questions 1 & 2 correctly and you achieve the Journeyman Level.
Answer questions 1, 2 & 3 correctly and you achieve the Master level.

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Apprentice Level:

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) model contract documents are the industry standard.
 a. True
 b. False

Journeyman Level:

The EPA has recently defended its practice of
 a. concealing the science justifying some regulations
 b. educating small businesses on environmental hazards
 c. making unnecessary rules
 d. allowing government bodies to skip recycling guidelines

Master Level:

The landmark California Lead Paint lawsuit alleges that the defendants
 a. made lead based paint
 b. caused a public nuisance
 c. should have produced a low VOC product
 d. did not follow federal paint manufacturing rules

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