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  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    The 50 year paint company consolidation movement has been relentless. The recent hullabaloo about PPG’s attempted takeover of AkzoNobel may have overshadowed the fact for some that

  • The Whole Paint & Coatings Enchilada

    While often overlooked or invisible, paint and coatings are indispensable products. Coatings not only preserve our cars and homes, they preserve the bridges we drive across and the

  • Killing Color

    History’s Deadliest Colors When radium was first discovered, its luminous green color inspired people to add it into beauty products and jewelry. It wasn’t until much later that

  • American Paint History IV

    Because painted surfaces are subject to abrasion, soiling, water damage, sunlight, and application of incompatible paints they generally need to be repainted appropriately from time

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Dear Centennials…Welcome to the brilliant art and science of the paint and coating application world!  In an optimistic effort to be positive, we are reserving the nickname designation

  • How to Hire the Next-generation of Professionals

    For a growing number of contractors, the worker shortage is reaching a critical stage, and the problem will only worsen as increasing numbers of construction workers “age out” and

  • Why Paint Quality Matters

    What does "quality" mean, and what benefits do high-quality paints provide? Painting is an investment for your client – in time, money and labor. You may have heard that it pays to

  • Whitehouse Takes Action on Workforce Development

    According to a Whitehouse release: We need more and better apprenticeship programs. Many American workers are being left behind as current education and training programs fail

  • The Modern Beginning of Matching Color

    I say green; you say green. How do we know we’re talking about the same color? Color charts, created as early as the 1600s, included color samples and names, which provided a standard

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    The Sherwin-Williams purchase of Valspar is the biggest deal in paint industry history. What does it mean to professionals? Well, for starters in addition to propelling SW to the biggest

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