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  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Clichés suck. Stated  more appropriately, they do not really function well in many situations especially at work. When sharing important information with potential clients, regular

  • You Are Being Watched

    In 2014, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimated that the theft of heavy equipment alone was close to $300 million. The majority of theft the NICB has tracked in the last

  • Wallpaper's Deception an Essay

    For centuries, wall covering has helped people construct new realities inside their homes. The history of wallpaper is a story of deception, of the many forms lying can take. Wallpaper

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    The winter season is known for cold mornings, slippery driving adventures and an assortment of sports that take place on frozen surfaces. Skiing, knuckle-dragging - otherwise known

  • Origins of Craftsmanship - American Paint History

    The paint Americans used in the past is undeniably part of a technological and commercial record. But beyond that, the colors we have chosen and continue to select for our interior

  • The Experience Modification Rate

    Most professionals in the construction industry appreciate the importance of risk management. Prioritizing safety in construction operations is not only paramount to securing new business

  • Get Mold Off Cement

    From moldy basements to dingy walkways, there are some effective ways to control mold growth on your own. For bigger jobs, it’s a good idea to call the experts. Cement’s porous

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    While at work, have you ever been so busy that time becomes unimportant? Maybe it was a missed lunch, dinner or an hour zoom where it seemed like only a few minutes passed. If this

  • PPT Technical Talk - Paint Failure Nightmare

    Although not as common as exterior coating issues, interior coating failures occur on new and repaint projects. It is a good idea for craftsmen to understand how catastrophes happen

  • Teaching the Art of Preservation

    As with any trend, certain movements take time to catch on. Such has been the case with historic renovation, as well as the need for artisan workers who can bring the skills needed

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  • Q4 Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Here we are well into the final quarter of 2017. Is your business on target to reach your goals for the year Here are some things you should be doing to make your final quarter as successful as youd like it to be: Review your progress How has your business performed in the first 3 […]...

    Advisors On Target
  • Emerald

    Sherwin-Williams has expanded the Emerald family of products, its finest interior and exterior paints, with the new Emerald...

    The Blogging Painters
  • Mortgage Originations Grow in Q4

    According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New Yorks Household Debt and Credit Report, mortgage originations grew in the 4th quarter of 2016. Largely resulting from 4th quarter growth, origination volume in 2016 exceeded its level in 2015. This marks the second consecutive year of growth in originations. As the chart above...

    Eye on Housing
  • Patrica Gray Interior Design Blog 3.5 Million Visitors

    As 2016 is drawing to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past year. In the spirit of remembrance I would like to spend the last few days of the year looking back at a few of my fondest memories and highlights from the year.. My interior design blog has just reached a readership of 3,500,000. I started blogging in...

    Patricia Grey | Interior Design
  • Happy Valentines Day! 2017 Color Palettes to Inspire

    Valentines Day, a major event amid the winter blahs, creates time to celebrate loved ones friends and family even as career demands may take us away for the day....

  • Permanent Solutions for Rotted Wood on Long Island

    Protect your investment by replacing rotted and worn out wood before the winter months arrive. Rotting wood should be replaced before additional structural damage is caused by water infiltration into the home.  At Harbor Paint we employ the best solutions for making repairs and replacements for rotted wood on trim,...

    Harbor Paint
  • Why Basecamp is Better Than Yammer

    Internal Communication with Your Team How do you communicate in your company Do you rely on text messaging, email, calling one another, or an internal communication (social network) We have......

    A David Creation