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  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Ever wonder what the future will bring to paint and coatings application? Not the next several months or few years, but imagine the potential breakthroughs over one hundred years! Innovation

  • 2017 Insurance Cost Forecast

    What does the future hold for commercial insurance buyers in 2017? The insurance industry’s surplus is currently at an all-time high—increasing nearly 50 percent in the last

  • How to Pay Yourself

    From bills and expenses to payroll and taxes, small business owners pay a lot. But how do you pay the person at the top? The right answer is more than just a value. Obviously you can’t

  • Behr’s Community Project Alliance

    Behr and Kilz products, while always competitively priced at The Home Depot, may be offered to members of U.S. Communities through a special program of volume pricing for large purchases

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Enjoying the early spring bloom? Well, aside from the new season, it is an exciting time in the paint world with the interesting corporate jousting. The big News: PPG has made two unsolicited

  • Solving the Manager vs. Leader Dilemma

    It is often said that not all good managers are good leaders, neither are all good leaders good managers. The business world kind of kept peace with this reality for a long time, but

  • Why Painting Companies Go Under

    It really is the same question for everyone: Why do Small Businesses Fail? If it was easy to start and run a successful small business, just about everyone would do it. But what

  • Younger Workers More Monitoring, Longer Projects

    As described in a previous post, employment in the residential construction industry reached 2.68 million in January of this year. Although this is still well short of the 3.45 million

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Spring is almost here and aside from the landscape waking up and exterior market bloom; we often see new product introductions. Here at PPT, we like checking out the new equipment,

  • The Solution Isn’t Just Money

    The vast majority of contractors are having a hard time finding workers, including project managers. While offering competitive salaries is important, it’s not the key to staying

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  • Sherwin-Williams Introduces New App for Pros

    Available now, new PRO app is redesigned to help professional customers save time and increase productivity CLEVELAND (Feb 21, 2017) Sherwin-Williams unveiled its latest tool for painting professionals seeking ways to work more efficiently: the all-new Sherwin-Williams PRO app. With the new and improved PRO app by Sherwin-Williams,...

    The Blogging Painters
  • March Sales Roar Like a Lion

    Existing home sales, as reported by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), surged 4.4% in March to the highest pace in ten years. At the current sales rate, the March unsold inventory represents a 3.8-month supply, unchanged from February. March existing sales were up 5.9% from the same month a year ago, and reached...

    Eye on Housing
  • Protecting Your Brand

    Do you remember when you started your business Your entrepreneurial fire was lit! One of the first things you did was giving your company a name and logo. You agonized over it, but eventually, you choose a logo and a name that gets you excited! As your business grew, people became more and more...

    Summit Services Inc.
  • Revolver Gallery Presents "Andy Warhol: Revisited

    Revolver Gallery, home to the largest gallery-owned collection of Andy Warhol artwork, is celebrating the opening of its new Bergamot Station location with the critically acclaimed show "Andy Warhol: Revisited."...

  • Patrica Gray Interior Design Blog 3.5 Million Visitors

    As 2016 is drawing to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past year. In the spirit of remembrance I would like to spend the last few days of the year looking back at a few of my fondest memories and highlights from the year.. My interior design blog has just reached a readership of 3,500,000. I started blogging in...

    Patricia Grey | Interior Design
  • Dropbox and Google Drive Choose Only 1

    Dropbox Many customers of mine and friends have used and continue to use Dropbox to upload, store and share files and folders. It has become the “Kleenex” brand of online......

    A David Creation
  • Permanent Solutions for Rotted Wood on Long Island

    Protect your investment by replacing rotted and worn out wood before the winter months arrive. Rotting wood should be replaced before additional structural damage is caused by water infiltration into the home.  At Harbor Paint we employ the best solutions for making repairs and replacements for rotted wood on trim,...

    Harbor Paint