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  • Origins of Craftsmanship: Roman Decorative Finishes

    We were overwhelmed by Rome’s fascinating architecture, art and culture. The city has been around a long time – 2,700 years, and is home to one of the greatest empires known.

  • Fix the Leadership Pipeline

    Are you identifying the people who’d be right for – and who want – supervisory roles? A recent Gallup report estimated that U.S. businesses are losing between $319 and $398 billion

  • Color Selection - Why the Golden Gate Bridge is Orange

    Imagine this: It’s 1933 and construction has begun on the world’s longest and tallest suspension bridge over the Golden Gate Strait, the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. Years

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    As we approach the holidays, it is an appropriate time to reflect on this year’s achievements, (although we still need to keep the foot on the pedal to make this quarter better than

  • Estimating Strategy: Hamburgers or Steaks

    Do you bid jobs? From the customer’s point of view, is there a difference between awarding the project to you or the competition? If your answer sounds like “we offer the best “quality,

  • PPG coatings refurbish iconic Coney Island’s Cyclone roller coaster

    Wood and steel surfaces to be finished with hundreds of gallons of PPG protective paint PPG protective and marine coatings announced it is donating as much as 700 gallons of paint

  • Sherwin-Williams Launches Paint Shield

    For 2016, Sherwin-Williams Introduces a breakthrough paint…the power to kill bacteria Paint Shield becomes first EPA-registered paint that kills greater than 99.9 percent of certain

  • Color Selection - A Look at Color Blindness

    The term "color blindness" is something of a misnomer. Just as most visually impaired people are not completely "blind," most people who have deficient color perception are not completely

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    If you have not noticed yet, right around the end of summer begins the color prediction season. Manufacturers announce what they think is the next year’s “in” color. Since we

  • Keeping Good Employees

    Job Fulfillment is the Key to Retention Employers worry about losing their best employees to higher bidders, but there are ways to fight back that don’t involve over-paying. You

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  • Multifamily Building: Third Quarter Data

    An elevated?market share for rental multifamily homes is holding?typical new?apartment size?below levels seen during the housing boom.?However, as multifamily developers build more for-sale housing units in the years ahead, the average size of multifamily?homes is likely to rise. The recent pattern of change in the size...

    Eye on Housing
  • Pipeline Deals CRM Integrates with Quickbooks and More

    I have been?a fan of Pipeline Deals CRM for quite a few years now. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to use CRMs for small businesses, especially......

    A David Creation
  • How to Coordinate with Color for Spring

    For me spring and summer bring with them a blossoming?sense of lightness and renewal.?Floating and even a little aloof, my mind starts to drift in and out of dreams wandering wherever it pleases.?These are the?seasons of untamable imagination and creativity. I find myself detached from the rush of day to day life, seeking...

    Pure Home
  • The Broad: Revitalizing Downtown L.A.'s Art Scene

    The new Broad Museum, a sponge-like box articulated by more than 2,500 concrete modules and located in downtown Los Angeles, is the kind of building that demands your attention....


    A flattering, natural white, Alabaster sets the tone for harmony for nearly any space ?CLEVELAND (Nov. 18, 2015)?? Sherwin-Williams announced?Alabaster (SW 7008), a hue symbolic of new beginnings, as the 2016 Color of the Year. “Alabaster represents a straightforward and necessary shift to mindfulness, well-being...

    The Blogging Painters
  • 9 Elements to Developing your 2016 Business Plan

    It’s that time of year again! The days are shorter, it gets dark at 4:30 and the phones are quieting down. Sounds like it’s time to work on a 2016 business plan! At Summit, we coach to plan annually and update quarterly.  Here are our top 9 Elements to consider for your plan: ...

    Summit Services Inc.
  • Shangri-La Residence Vancouver

    Working on a new project at the Shangri-La Residences Vancouver. Shangri-La residence materials and finishes PATRICIA GRAY INTERIOR DESIGN  Known for a look that is consistently at the forefront of design....

    Patricia Grey | Interior Design