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  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    The Olympics are here and winning is good. A contest determines who achieves victory and who lingers in defeat. It is better to push beyond the challenge of putting in a good effort.

  • PPT Technical Talk: Know Your Primer

    We often hear someone say that a particular paint problem is caused by the painter's failure to use a primer. To some, it seems that as long as a product is called "a primer", all will

  • Color Selection: The Colors of the Olympics

    The Rio 2016 Olympics will be an explosion of color and culture — gain insight into and inspiration from the games’ most enticing palette yet. There’s color inspiration to

  • Seven Secrets to Longer Life for Exterior Paint

    When it comes to exterior paint, there’s no fountain of youth, but there are ways to add years of life to a new paint job, says Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at the Paint

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Sometimes less may really be more. Like getting a raise or increasing hourly rates, work less for the same income or possibly more . Additional time and money reveals opportunity; take

  • Finding Help Part II

    Given the potential negative economic impacts of construction worker/paint professional shortages, and the need to re-invigorate the construction skills education pipeline, the Associated

  • Rodda Paint…Doing the Right Thing

    The Rodda Paint Company has successfully installed a UV water treatment disinfectant system at its Portland, OR manufacturing plant. Testing of run-off water from the facility's roof

  • Color Selection: Colormix 2017 The Sherwin-Williams Forecast

    Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast projects a sense of restlessness that will translate to color in new ways next year. With the backdrop of an ever-changing societal and cultural landscape,

  • Fun Stuff

    Sometimes the best discoveries are made by mistake, like Christopher Columbus’s sailing adventure and supposedly Reese Cups. Or maybe, good things happen when we take a fresh or different

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    For many years in the paint and coating application profession, the general thought was to hire or work with the best mechanics. Fire or avoid the hackers and slackers. That may have

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  • GDP Growth in the Second Quarter Plus Revisions ? And Slim Just Left Town

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the advance estimate of real GDP growth for the second quarter of 2016 plus revised estimates back to 2013. Real GDP grew at a 1.2% seasonally adjusted annual rate in the second quarter and was modestly higher overall in 2015, but the slowdown as the year unfolded was more...

    Eye on Housing
  • How to Coordinate with Color for Spring

    For me spring and summer bring with them a blossoming?sense of lightness and renewal.?Floating and even a little aloof, my mind starts to drift in and out of dreams wandering wherever it pleases.?These are the?seasons of untamable imagination and creativity. I find myself detached from the rush of day to day life, seeking...

    Pure Home
  • The National Parks Service Turns 100 Years Old

    ?Happy Birthday to the National Park Service which turns 100 years old this month!...

  • How to choose the right colors! OR: is there a simple way to choose the right colors?

    That’s the question, and it applies to both interiors and exteriors of homes and other buildings. What’s the answer? I remember reading and enjoying an article in the?New York Times?from a while ago by one of my favorite contemporary fiction authors, Lee Child, a master in creating compelling characters and...

    Integral Color
  • Tape Tool

      After carrying different types of tape up and down ladders and crawling along baseboards, residential painter and engineer, Bob Stenavich, discovered a need for a device to safely hold, carry, and dispense his tape. Needing a solution, he invented and engineered the TAPE TOOL.       Author information Blogging...

    The Blogging Painters
  • When Trying To Connect On LinkedIn, Don?t Do This?

    Dear LinkedIn Connection, I received your request to connect with me here on LinkedIn. I normally review each request before approving the connection. My first few years on LinkedIn, I......

    A David Creation
  • Lifestyle Business versus Value Business

    When I started Nolan Painting in 1979, I did so with one intention: supporting my lifestyle.  As time went on, that lifestyle went from trying to support myself as a college student, to later as a young married man with four kids. I took out money as I needed it and grew the business at a moderate rate. I was everything;...

    Summit Services Inc.