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  • Housing Share of GDP Holds Constant

    With the release of the final estimates of fourth quarter GDP growth?(2.2%), housing?s share of gross domestic product (GDP) was 15.25%, with home building and remodeling yielding 3.09 percentage points of that total. Housing-related activities contribute to GDP in two basic ways. The first is through residential fixed...

    Eye on Housing
  • Meet the Maker : Sara Sheridan of Along Came the Fold

    Meet the Maker : Sara Sheridan of Along Came The Fold?: Paper lover and DIY enthusiast Sara Sheridan is: Along Came the Fold. After years as a self-proclaimed pixel pusher, Sara decided to leave her desk job and return to hand built goods. With folded stationary and geometric hanging lights, Sara is redefining the consumer?s...

    Pure Home
  • Wagner FLEXiO 990

    Wagner SprayTech Announces the FLEXiO? 990 Complete large projects faster with direct feed system for non-stop painting MINNEAPOLIS ? March 30, 2015 ? Wagner SprayTech, the market leader in advanced paint applicators, announced today the newest addition to the FLEXiO family of indoor/outdoor paint sprayers ? the FLEXiO?...

    The Blogging Painters
  • Quick Tip on Using Do Not Disturb Feature on Your iPhone

    I made a quick 2 1/2 minute video on how to use the do not disturb feature on your iPhone or iPad. Minimizing Distractions One of the hardest things to......

    A David Creation
  • Here?s Your Sign!


    Brooks Painting Inc.
  • Tips and Views on the meaning of cost?and the cost of color.

    From remodeling your home to mowing your lawn…What is often at the top of a list of hesitations? “Price” or “Cost” often includes much more than an exchange of money. Let’s say, for the sake of this discussion, that it can be the cost of professional services. What does this have to do...

    Integral Color
  • Find the Leader Within: A Preview of the Charleston Grand Summit

    Next week, many of the best contractors in the country will meet in Charleston for our annual Grand Summit Conference. At the conference, Summit Members will be working on developing their leadership skills to get out of the hour glass and lead a business that can run without them. This year’s theme, “Find the...

    Summit Services Inc.