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  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    As seasonal temperatures rise, exterior paint and coating application heats up. Most paint professionals are juggling projects and wondering if the old guys will continue working on

  • Contractor Survey

    The Paint Contractor Survey is a result of reaching out to a large sample of paint contractors across the country to gain insight into the architectural coatings industry to allow us

  • Looking Rosy at BM

    While some other retail stores are struggling, Benjamin Moore dealers added 235 locations last year, showing confidence in what they say is the best — but not the cheapest — paint,

  • The History of SW

    The Sherwin-Williams Company, a pioneer in the development of the paint industry, was established in Cleveland in 1866 by Henry A. Sherwin. Sherwin, who came to Cleveland from Vermont

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Remember the Beatles? The band, just a four man group, became a world-wide phenomenon. Their talent and craft drew great recognition and forever changed the music industry. The Beatles

  • Employee Compensation and Small Business

    The Great Recession reinforced the importance of business profitability as it relates to compensation, with small employers quickly slashing wages and benefits to survive during the

  • First Ever Anti-Mosquito Paint

    Kansai Paint Group, a global manufacturer of paints and coatings, has announced approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its Kansai Anti-Mosquito Paint. The

  • Safer Company Driving

    Telematics is often thought of as a technology for gathering current vehicle and equipment locations, but the benefits go far beyond tracking asset whereabouts for construction businesses.

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    The economy is expanding. Peeking through PPT’s glasses, it is looking rose colored. Over the last year, small business’s gravest concern has shifted from regulation and tax oppression

  • Drug Testing

    Whether your small business already has an employee drug-testing or drug-free work policy, or is considering adopting one, first know this: The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance

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  • Builders Say Lumber Prices Are Hurting Affordability

    In a recent NAHB survey, over 40 percent of builders said construction costs in general are causing home buyers to hold back from purchasing a new home, and over 90 percent said that lumber prices specifically are hurting affordability. The results are consistent with...

    Eye on Housing
  • June Color of the Month: Summer Night

    The month of June kicks off those warm, lazy summer nights, which makes Summer Night (DE5811) the perfect color of the month....

  • Why Training doesnt Stick.

    By now most contractors know that experienced craftsmen are in short supply. The sooner we all realize that the only solution is to hire good people and train them on the trade, the better. Hire talent, train skill. as we like to say. However, even after we realize this, training still doesnt stick. Why I recently ran...

    Summit Services Inc.
  • How Should You Respond To a Prospect You Just Cant Serve

    Responses, like vegetables, are always better fresh than canned.   Most quality home improvement contractors are running more leads than they can handle this time of the year. And, when......

    A David Creation
  • Q4 Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Here we are well into the final quarter of 2017. Is your business on target to reach your goals for the year Here are some things you should be doing to make your final quarter as successful as youd like it to be: Review your progress How has your business performed in the first 3 […]...

    Advisors On Target

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