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  • What Is a Responsive Website, and Do I Need One?

    What is a Responsive Site Have you received emails or been asked by designers and marketers if your website is “responsive” or has a responsive layout? Do you wonder what......

    A David Creation
  • All Customers are Special

    All of our customers are special Some customers may have needs that require some special attention. When they want painting and remodeling it?s our job to provide those services. At times it?s not clear they have special needs and in some cases they might not consider themselves to have any special needs. With all of […] Author...

    The Blogging Painters
  • ?Creative? and ?Personal? ? a Few Short Tips about Paint Finishes

    Think ?Creative and Personal? with these short tips about paint finishes. Without a lot of discussion, I wanted to present a few concise tips to consider when you’re selecting interior paint colors for your home. Typically, we have three choices for paint finishes (some companies have one or two in between them):...

    Integral Color
  • Introducing the Then, Now & Forever Collection

    Dunn-Edwards? Paints Color Expert, Designer and Blogger, Sara McLean, curated 300 new colors for the Then, Now & Forever? collection....

  • I?ve Got A Budget, Now What?

    Annual budgeting is exciting!  A budget isn’t supposed to make you feel trapped or limited.  A budget done well frees your mind and helps quantify the key priorities for success.  A budget is simply “pre-planning” the revenue you want and how you’ll spend it. Looking at it that way,...

    Summit Services Inc.
  • 3 Compelling Reasons to make a Budget for your Business

    I talk to a lot of business owners every week. It surprises me that more businesses don?t have a budget or as I like to call it, a Profit Plan. I just spoke with a business owner this week and I was pleasantly surprised to hear him tell me that he had his budget all [...]...

    Advisors On Target
  • Pop Art Interior Design

    Sophisticated Pop Culture, untamed expression. Bright gestures and aggressive markings indicate undirected movement and exuberance. Bold colors are relentless and assertive, demanding attention. They explode into dynamic possibilities atop a retreating black backdrop. Bright, almost neon, colors ignite before your eyes,...

    Pure Home