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  • How to Coordinate with Color for Spring

    For me spring and summer bring with them a blossoming?sense of lightness and renewal.?Floating and even a little aloof, my mind starts to drift in and out of dreams wandering wherever it pleases.?These are the?seasons of untamable imagination and creativity. I find myself detached from the rush of day to day life, seeking...

    Pure Home
  • The Employment Situation in September ? Loosening the Hawks? Grip

    Today?s employment report was disappointing on all fronts: weak payroll growth, downward revisions to prior months, and another decline in the participation rate. The unemployment rate was unchanged only because the labor force shrank faster than the number of employed persons. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported...

    Eye on Housing
  • Kitchen Design and Trends

    Thanks Albarosa Simonetti for the photo!  Interior designer Patricia Gray giving a talk on ?#?kitchendesign? and trends at?#?Idswest2015?. Gray on Gray...?#?graymagazine? stage Patricia Gray Interior Design - Kitchen Design and Trends ...

    Patricia Grey | Interior Design
  • Mid-Autumn Moon Festival: A Colorful Autumn Celebration!

    The mid-autumn Moon Festival is an annual event held as a series of inherited customs of sacrificial ceremonies....

  • Which One Should You Get: iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

    In 2014, I took a big leap in going from a 4″ screen size to a 5.5″ screen size when I upgraded from the iPhone 5s to Apple’s largest iPhone......

    A David Creation
  • Should I be on Pinterest?

    There are a lot of social media platforms available, and while it is important for every business to have a social presence, it?s impossible to be everywhere. This means that you have to choose the social media channels that are most appropriate for your business, then put in the time to make them a destination […] Author...

    The Blogging Painters
  • Giving Feedback- Part 2

    A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about the difficulties of giving feedback.  In this post, I’ll be going a step farther to discuss how successful leaders in Summit have overcome this challenge. The original question I posed was, “Why do leaders regularly struggle with feedback?” ...

    Summit Services Inc.