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  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Have you ever experienced broken promise disappointment? Like on a completed project where everything was ice cream sundaes and at payment time the general gets amnesia on the extras.

  • Painting Pro’s Perspective Don’t Tread On Me

    Remember the old days and the American dream? You know, home ownership, a friendly place to raise a family and summer camp and vacations with the dreaded in-laws. For some, it brings

  • Fun Stuff: To Infinity and Beyond

    Everyone likes toys…right? Well, you don’t have to be Buzz Lightyear to imagine getting around in a tomorrowland future. Whether you fly, rocket, relax, or just enjoy the warm breeze

  • Festool’s New Sanders

    Festool ETS EC Brushless Sanders Get Air Sander Performance Without Limitations Festool USA has just introduced its new 5” and 6” brushless ETS EC sanders which feature a compact,

  • PPG Paint Brands Unveil Odyssey

    Top trending colors include creamy whites, ocean-inspired blues, and organic, aloe greens. PPG unveiled its 2016 Color Palette of the Year, which showcases colors from the company’s

  • Valspar: Habitat’s National Paint Partner

    Lawrence Family Receives Keys to Valspar Championship Habitat for Humanity Home “Valspar is proud to be Habitat’s national paint partner, and we congratulate the Lawrence family

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    In many parts of the country, it is open the windows time. Along with the beginning of tree color explosions, these signs are reminders to stand back for a moment and take inventory.

  • Strippers, Contractors and Employee Misclassification

    In skirting federal labor laws, gentlemen’s clubs are just now learning lessons that too many contractors have ignored for years. In July 2015, about 120 exotic dancers filed a

  • Fun Stuff

    A Painting Horse Maybe you have heard of a “painted horse”? Well, this is a little different. Many animals are very smart. Like the dog who opens doors, or a monkey who can

  • Color Selection: How to Differentiate Between Gloss and Sheen

    What’s the difference between gloss and sheen? And how is each measured? If you answered both of these questions with a hesitant “I’m not sure,” don’t worry, the confusion

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  • Consumer Credit (from both Traditional and Non-traditional Sources) Expands

    The Federal Reserve Board recently?reported that consumer credit outstanding rose by a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.6%, $192.2 billion, in August 2015, slower than the 6.6% rate of growth recorded in July and the 9.6% growth rate in June. Consumer credit outstanding is now at $3.470 trillion. The expansion of total...

    Eye on Housing
  • The E-Myth Revisted By Michael Gerber

    This past week, I read The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. I’m sure many of you have either read or heard of this book before, as it is the de facto Summit Bible. For those who are unfamiliar, the E-Myth, or the Entrepreneurial Myth, tackles the belief that everyone who has started and runs their own business...

    Summit Services Inc.
  • FRIDA KAHLO: Art, Garden, Life

    The New York Botanical Garden is presently exhibiting the first solo presentation of artist Frida Kahlo?s work in New York City in more than 10 years....

  • How to Coordinate with Color for Spring

    For me spring and summer bring with them a blossoming?sense of lightness and renewal.?Floating and even a little aloof, my mind starts to drift in and out of dreams wandering wherever it pleases.?These are the?seasons of untamable imagination and creativity. I find myself detached from the rush of day to day life, seeking...

    Pure Home
  • Mildew Can?t Grow. Stains Won?t Stick. Dirt Rinses Off.

    KWIK SEAL ULTRA?, the latest in innovation from DAP, keeps kitchens & baths looking clean, fresh and new DAP Products Inc., a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry, introduces the latest innovation in sealants, KWIK SEAL ULTRA? Premium Siliconized Kitchen and Bath Sealant. The innovative...

    The Blogging Painters
  • Kitchen Design and Trends

    Thanks Albarosa Simonetti for the photo!  Interior designer Patricia Gray giving a talk on ?#?kitchendesign? and trends at?#?Idswest2015?. Gray on Gray...?#?graymagazine? stage Patricia Gray Interior Design - Kitchen Design and Trends ...

    Patricia Grey | Interior Design
  • Which One Should You Get: iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

    In 2014, I took a big leap in going from a 4″ screen size to a 5.5″ screen size when I upgraded from the iPhone 5s to Apple’s largest iPhone......

    A David Creation