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  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    We are siding with the engineers that have claimed they are under-paid as compared to lawyers. Top of the class first year lawyer compensation is at a record high. It seems as a society,

  • Write a Lawsuit-Proof Job Description

    Small business owners must include non-discriminatory, descriptive, and ADA-compliant language in job descriptions to help protect themselves from a lawsuit. Paint professionals

  • Wallcovering is on a Roll

    With a projection of growth for wallcovering reaching $36 billion in the next four years according to Global Industry Analytics, Inc. the installation business is nothing to sneeze

  • 6 1/2 Recruiting Tips

    With a severe labor shortage and fewer people entering the field every day, construction companies all over the country are competing to hire and retain the best talent. It’s no longer

  • Fun Stuff

    Happy Birthday America! Fireworks are fun, but so are paintworks. Maybe gunpowder and paint do not mix, but they go well together. Instead of watching the night sky explode, check

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    Are you successful? It is a simple question, though often colored by context. Where did you go with it…life, work or some other aspect? The ancient guy wearing sandals and a toga

  • 5 Tips for Achievers

    After 20 years as an investigative agent, I found myself in a comfort zone. Safely ensconced in familiar territory, I balked when asked to be the spokesperson for the FBI in Northern

  • New Contract Clauses

    Before assuming this article does not apply to you, know that most every contracting business experiences a project dispute resulting in a loss of money. Performing on verbal agreements

  • Painting Pro Times, the source for paint professionals!

    As seasonal temperatures rise, exterior paint and coating application heats up. Most paint professionals are juggling projects and wondering if the old guys will continue working on

  • Contractor Survey

    The Paint Contractor Survey is a result of reaching out to a large sample of paint contractors across the country to gain insight into the architectural coatings industry to allow us

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  • Most Areas See Growth in Single-Family Starts

    NAHB analysis of the Survey of Construction (SOC) shows that, nationally, there were 847,830 new single-family units started in 2017, 9% higher than the units started in 2016. Among all of the nine Census divisions, new single-family units started in the South Atlantic, West South Central and Mountain Divisions exceeded...

    Eye on Housing
  • 2018 Summer Color Picks To Steal For Your Front Door

    Painting your front door is an inexpensive and easy way to freshen up a homes curb appeal. The door is the first thing people see before entering your house, so why not make a statement...

  • Local Painting Company Discovers Hipsters Will Work for Free

    Akron, MN- After 3 fruitless months trying to convince young people at local high schools and colleges to explore a painting career, Elsie Hobbs, business manager at Pristine Painting, had......

    A David Creation
  • Why Training doesnt Stick.

    By now most contractors know that experienced craftsmen are in short supply. The sooner we all realize that the only solution is to hire good people and train them on the trade, the better. Hire talent, train skill. as we like to say. However, even after we realize this, training still doesnt stick. Why I recently ran...

    Summit Services Inc.
  • Q4 Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Here we are well into the final quarter of 2017. Is your business on target to reach your goals for the year Here are some things you should be doing to make your final quarter as successful as youd like it to be: Review your progress How has your business performed in the first 3 […]...

    Advisors On Target

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