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       June 28

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Are you successful? It is a simple question, though often colored by context. Where did you go with it…life, work or some other aspect? The ancient guy wearing sandals and a toga thought that we ought to examine our life or call it a day. For many, family and religion may come to mind first. Here at PPT, we ask from a paint professional’s view. It is worth noting that careers seem to rise easier when things are going smoothly in the home and God departments.
5 Tips for Achievers
After 20 years as an investigative agent, I found myself in a comfort zone. Safely ensconced in familiar territory, I balked when asked to be the spokesperson for the FBI in Northern California. It sounded like fun and even a little glamorous because I would be interviewed by local and national news media. So why did I hesitate when offered the job?
New Contract Clauses
Before assuming this article does not apply to you, know that most every contracting business experiences a project dispute resulting in a loss of money. Performing on verbal agreements is a flat out no-no. It is the fastest way to join the work for free or at financial cost club. Another contract peril is a poorly written or unclear agreement. Contracts should contain clear terms describing scope, exclusions, payment, performance, working/site conditions, schedule, start/end dates, contract termination and owner’s rights, among other important provisions.
Industry News
The Journey of Paint
The journey of paint highlights the skill and expertise that goes into developing the specialist color formulations of the 7,000 liters of Awlgrip and International yacht paint Europe coatings used on the seven boats competing in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. Click here for more      
BEHR Prep, Stain and Entertain the Same Day
BEHR Premium Quick Dry Oil Base Wood Finish wood finish can be applied to damp wood and dries dramatically faster than traditional oil wood finishes. Click here for more      
Dunn-Edwards Color + Design 2019: Extreme Odyssey
The Extreme Odyssey palette dares us to explore the edges of deep sea and outer space. Click here for more      
Kelly Moore Paints
Check out this video Click here to view      
PPG 2019 Color of the Year
The most impactful color trends for the upcoming year will be closely tied to nature, according to the color experts at PPG, and the PPG paint brand’s 2019 Color of the Year, Night Watch (PPG1145-7) is leading the way. Click here for more      
Professional Grade Truck Bed Liner Kit
Rust-Oleum Professional Truck Bed Liner is an ultra-durable 2 part epoxy with Cross Linking Technology designed for maximum protection and easy DIY application. Click here for more      
Bulls Eye 1-2-3 trusted for one of Hawaii’s tallest buildings
Lele Pono, a 33-story condo building in Hawaii, gets a new coat of paint about every 10 years. Click here for more      
Sherwin-Williams the Future of Color
Sherwin-Williams announces its 10th annual Colormix® Color Forecast, with a single master palette to inspire and help professionals and DIYers select the right color scheme for any project. Click here for more      
Festool Bluetooth Modules and Remotes
This video shows how to get started with the Festool Bluetooth module and remotes used with the CT Dust Extractors. Click here for more      
Titan PowrCoat Series Pneumatic Sprayers
As a leader in spraying technology, Titan manufactures and markets a full line of professional-grade paint sprayers for applying a variety of coatings. Click here for more      
Product Introductions
Titan | TR1 High Efficiency Airless™ Tip
The TR1 HEA tip is a high production tip that is optimized to spray coatings at 1,000 psi which decreases overspray by up to 55%. This revolutionary technology delivers speed, added durability and is perfect for spraying large residential and commercial jobs. Find out more at titantool.com/TR1HEA.         
Sherwin-Williams | When you need to maximize adhesion.
Rejuvenate™ Siding Restoration Coating is an exterior paint and primer in one that gives weathered siding a smooth, attractive uniform appearance. No primer needed means time and money savings. Two coats of Rejuvenate delivers cost-effective, dependable results.
Featured Videos
New Titan RX-Pro™ Airless Spray Gun
An innovative spray gun built for the way you work, giving you ultimate comfort and control.
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Knowledge Test
1. Paint stores represent roughly 70% of U.S. architectural paint sales:
2. The EPA’s gained un-paralleled, new authority in mid 2016:
3. How many Paint Application Levels exist for new gypsum board?
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